Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Lunch Date: Giving yourself to your Bull

You’ve done all your preparations, your slim, trim and wanting him; now is the time to slow down, let go and most importantly enjoy yourself. This is the very presuppose of your lifestyle choice so take a long deep breath and hold onto your hat sister, It’s going to be fantastic!

For your lunch date you’ll want to defer to the tastes and comfort level of your Bull. Keep in mind that your Bull may be a married man so discretion will be the key. Chose or suggest a place that’s located in a unpopular part of your town or in another town entirely. To many lunch dates and first meetings have been ruined by coworkers or family members happening upon Bulls wives and husbands so don’t let that happen to you. Now that your Bull has selected a time and place, it is now your husband/boyfriends responsibility to make all the reservation and arrangements. If your husband is anything like mine, he will absolutely relish this opportunity to become involved in the beginning sections of your service to your future Bull.

Choosing your outfit will be a difficult decision for your first date. Remember, this will be the first time your Bull will see you in person so you want to make a great first impression. Since you will be meeting in public with your husband in tow, I would suggest a professional business outfit for both you and your husband or boyfriend. Sure, you’ll want to keep your outfit choice sexy and well fitting to show off your attributes but you’ll also need to keep the other patrons and staff of the restaurant aloof to your intentions. Be sure to show plenty of your body but in a restrained manner and selection. Your first instinct should be to want your Bulls hands all over your body immediately but remember, this is your first meeting, and hopefully you’ll have plenty of time to give your body to your Bull fully and often.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, you’ll need to go over the basic ground rules for your husband. By no means should your husband have his hands on your body when your Bull makes his entrance. Your husband is the facilitator in this situation and its your job to remind him if he over steps the bounds. Your husband should escort you to the table and sit on the outside. When your bull makes his appearance your husband will need to stand, walk over to your Bull and greet him in the view of the staff and any other patrons. This will set the tone for your entire lunch date in the minds of the other people in the surrounding area. The wont think you’re a submissive white female meeting her new sexual dominant male, instead they’ll see old friends meeting for lunch and that’s what you want.

Now that everyone has greeted and began ordering lunch, its now time to show your Bull your interest and his place within your new and wonderful relationship. Be sure to ask intriguing and seductive question of your Bull, he’ll enjoy your interest. While physical touching can bee an alarming signal to others in your area keep it to a minimum. This having been said, if you can attempt it in a discreet fashion and out of view, feel free to fondle your bull with your feet and seductively express your sexual interest. You want him leaving this table with a severe need to take you, so use all of your charms and let yourself be flirty and sexy.

At this point you should be well aware of your inherit desire for your Bull and his desire for you. Now is the time for all three of you to exit the restaurant and for your husband to settle the bill. Upon leaving the restaurant, unclasp your hand from your husband or boyfriend, and alert him to the fact that you’ll be riding with your Bull. Remember, this is a somewhat bittersweet moment for your husband or boyfriend so now it would be a great time to tell him how much you love him and how grateful you are for his acceptance. Immediately after telling your husband this, offer your hand to your bull and let him escort you to his vehicle. Your transition from a curious wife to a owned woman is complete. No longer are you just a curious passer by, you are now the interest of your Bull and your focus must be toward him.

Once inside the car, take time to admire your Bull and tell him exactly what your thinking. Thank your Bull for his time and patience and let him know how excited you are for your first encounter. If your Bull is like many others, at this point he will draw you near him and begin kissing you. This is only natural. You’re here now, no more work needs to be done. Enjoy the moment. While a car isn’t the most suitable place for exploring your Bulls body, pay special attention to your Bulls manhood and lower body. Allow your new Bull access to your entire body. While you might be able to suggest that he drive someplace more secluded, don’t draw away from your Bull at any time. While your Bull is driving is the perfect opportunity to receive his manhood orally. Your no doubt going to be impressed by its size and girth and that’s perfectly normal. In fact I’ve found that a Bull loves to hear a woman remark about his penis size and beauty (all men do) so feel free to tell your bull exactly what your thinking.

While I don’t suggest sexual relations take place at this moment the deciding vote on this issue belongs to your Bull. Remember, this is not your husband! Your Bull gets what your Bull wants so be sure to accommodate him. If sex is off the table for the moment now is the time to set up your first date with your Bull. You should be considerate of his timeline and make yourself available to his timeframe. While you may feel the overriding urge to sleep with your Bull immediately I suggest holding off until your actual date. A Hotel room will allow you and your Bull much greater amounts of time and privacy to explore each others body, serve your bull and allow him access to all the pleasures you have to give.


  1. WOW, another erotic and informative post, most obviously speaking with the tone of experience. I thought you explained the dynamics for how a first date should work perfectly. Cannot wait to read your advice on how the "first date" should actually go. Take care and thanks for another awesome post!

  2. BTW shoot me an email at ivoryqueens4blackkings@yahoo.com if you would give me the privlage to interview you. Thanks, D

  3. Interesting, did you really feel that sense of being being owned that quickly, before even before he had spread you open for the first time?


  4. Susan,

    So when you get to the hotel, who pays for it, your/your husband or the Bull?


  5. Paul,

    Actually my next entry will be on that topic. In my case and every other lifestyle couple I've ever met, the husband pays for the rooms, meals and transportation. It's his role and most I think relish being included.

    Hope that answers the question.


  6. Can't wait for the next entry, that new profile pic of you is totally hot! Give me a shout out on my email sometime as I have some ideas for you that i can't wait to share. Take care,


  7. Missing you girl, don't give up the cause!

  8. Anyone dying for another entry besides me???

  9. Could you leave us a note just to let us know you are alive? Miss you terribly!

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