Monday, June 22, 2009

Will black men really desire me?

The easy answer to this is simply yes. All men are horny little devils and so are black men. The difference is that a black man that is within our lifestyle (also known as a Bull) isn’t simply there for some sort of random swinger sex encounter. He has come into this lifestyle for similar reasons as you have. He isn’t looking simply for a woman….he wants a white woman and everything she encompasses.

As modern white women, we are often told (by our mothers in my case) that men are not unlike dogs. There are good breeds of dogs, she would say; and then there are bad breeds. The bad breeds my mother was speaking of, if I’m honest, were black men. Another point of note is that in our modern times we have lost our sense of uniqueness that we as white women envelope and hold. Due to the feminist movements and workplace PC protocols, we have had our traditional standing as the pinnacles of beauty and desire that we once held taken from us. White men, generally speaking, view white women with quite a bit of apprehension and confusion. It’s sadly left them with a sense that desiring us sexually is somehow wrong and they fear having one of us “blow up” if they want to flirt with us or inquire about sex…black men don’t have this problem.

The black men you’ll find within our lifestyle not only will treat you wonderfully, they will also desire you constantly. For ages and even today, we are the very standard for sexuality and beauty; black men are the new standard for male sexuality and strength. It’s our lifestyle that epitomizes this concept best.


  1. I could not agree more that the feminist and the PC crowd eroded the standing of white women who traditionally were the pinnacles of beauty and desire in society. However, I believe white woman are getting themselves back on that pedestal. Census data shows that in America at least their is a real "browning" of our populations' skin due liberal immigration laws and the startlingly growing numbers of white women having black babies. As whites become more of a minority in future years the white woman will be coveted more so than ever for her beauty and elegance. That of course will give white women of the future greater options and opportunities for selectivity in finding their bulls. Interesting how a loss of majority status seemingly will improve a white woman's position in life, you think?

  2. OMG! You're a fucking loon! Wow! You need Jesus.

  3. in 2010, 10% of black men who marry this year will have a white wife; another 9% of unmarried white women co-habitate with black men. A larger % of wht woman have experienced Interracial sex. By 2030, these numbers will greatly increase as America continues to get browner due to white women having black babies.

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  5. I believe we should go back interracial dating is so wrong White women are selling out there race is wrong I hate you when I see you I wish you never had been born and when they have the worthless little nigger baby's it makes me think that there fathers should have the legal right to kill them for being traitorous whores.

  6. I'm a 23 yr white woman who has been happily married to the most amazing man I've ever known. He's a black man, 6'8 340 lbs give or take a few, who is very well endowed. We've been together over 4 yr and been married 3 yr last June. I'm now nearly 6 mo. pregnant with our 1st baby. We are active in church, we're Baptist btw, and he's a deacon. I say all this in response to the guy, I presume, who's acting so ugly about interracial relationships. Fyi, that attitude in my bf at the time is PRECISELY why I and many other white women have turned to black men. I grew up with it, and it disgusts me. JESUS said "if you hate another person, the love of God is not in you." GOD loves everyone regardless of race, and never said not to marry different races. So for you to call ppl names for intermarrying is not only evil, but counter-productive to your own selfish purposes. Furthermore, Idk abt anyone else, but for me, when ppl call me ugly names for being with Kelvin, it's a huge turn-on. So, next time you're thinking about denegrating some1 for who they're with, A) you're only hurting yourself, B) you're probably making her want that black man that much more, C) remember when the pharisees were going to stone the prostitute, Jesus said, "let he who hasn't sinned cast the 1st stone." I come to these forums to see what other women's experiences have been, but even though I'm submissive to my man, I WILL speak my mind.